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My Story

      As the youngest growing up in a household with three brothers, my passion for food and art started early. When “majority rules” were called, I found myself watching Sonic the Hedgehog, Ninja Turtles, and Garfield amongst other cartoons. Being the baby didn't work in my favor all the time, I was outvoted a lot. So I gave in and claimed Donatello as my character or April. The tattle-telling news reporter. In the midst of watching, I realized all these characters have two things in common. Food & Mischief! Ninja Turtles had pizza, Sonic had chili dogs, and Garfield had Lasagna. These characters resonated with me. If I wasn't tagging along with my older brothers causing problems, I was tryna pack my plate, knowing my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Now as a wife and mother of three boys ( yes the saga continues), it's only right to leap into my true life passions of all things art in a

kid friendly environment. 

     Crumb Snatchers, LLC is a brand birthed from my experiences as a child and with my own crumb snatchers. Corky inspirations are Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Nicki Minaj, & Whoopi Goldberg. Graduate of Hunter College with a Bachelor's Degree in ELA and minor in Studio Art. I'm stepping into a name my mother gave my siblings and I, with no further hesitation. Crumb Snatchers, LLC is here for your Crumb Snatchers and the Crumb Snatcher in you. 

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